5 Things You’ll Need For a High-Quality Video

As the old saying goes, quality is better than quantity. A channel with five high-quality videos is going to be drastically more popular than a channel with fifty low-quality videos. Here are five things that you’ll need to make your videos the best that they can be.

1. 1080p camera

This is the highest pixel quality that a video can reach. Invest in a DSLR camera with video capabilities to get the most bang for your buck. Videos filmed with a DSLR will look polished and professional.

Check out this video to explore the best DSLR cameras for filming.

2. External microphone

An external microphone is essential for capture high-quality sound. It will pick up your voice better than the camera will on its own. It’s also more versatile, giving you a greater range of movement no matter how far you get from the lens.

This video lists the best external microphones to go with your DSLR.

3. Tripod

Nothing brands a YouTube video as low quality more quickly than a shaking camera does. Keep your camera steady with a tripod to prevent shaky woes.

Check out this video for the best affordable filmmaking tripod.

4. Editing Software

Odds are that you won’t be able to do your entire video in one take. Everyone makes mistakes, but video creators can edit theirs out. Plus, you’ll want to add an intro and an ending to each and every video. Whereas many softwares are available for free download online, investing in a professional editing software is a good investment for someone who is serious about their content creation.

Watch this video to get an idea of what editing softwares are the best for making YouTube videos.

5. Good lighting

The most important part of creating a video is getting seen. This is useless if no one watching the video can see you! Lighting is the key to a good-looking video.

Follow this video to set up good lighting for your YouTube videos.

High-quality videos provide a better viewing experience for your subscribers. With no shaky cameras or microphone feedback to distract them, viewers will fall in love with your high-quality content!

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