5 Unique Marketing Strategies To Learn From Heffron Drive

Indie pop duo Heffron Drive has a social media presence as strong as its loyal band of followers. When they released “Rain Don’t Come” on April 7, the new single quickly became the band’s most popular release on iTunes. As an independent group signed to one of the founders’ own record label, Heffron Drive doesn’t have the built-in marketing power that similar artists may have.

Here are five ways that Heffron Drive made “Rain Don’t Come” their biggest release yet.

1. They encouraged fans on tour to share videos of the song.

In March 2016, Heffron Drive toured Italy. The addition of the before unheard “Rain Don’t Come” to the setlist came as a surprise to everyone who attended and filmed the shows. As seen in the video below, the band encouraged its audience to share videos of the new song on social media with #RainDontCome.

2. They teased the music video prior to announcing the song.

Prior to the song’s release, Heffron Drive lead singer Kendall Schmidt posted teaser shots of the upcoming music video to his Instagram. This set fans on high alert for new music, impatiently refreshing their Twitter feeds every few seconds for the news.

 photo ac355909-bb24-436d-ba9e-dae742a913ae_zpsflteejsv.jpg

3. Their localized fanclubs promoted the release with download giveaways.

Heffron Drive fans have worked hard to organize themselves into localized fanclubs in order to better promote their favorite band. When the band’s record label TOLBooth Records began from the ground up, Heffron Drive’s loyal fans began promoting it from day one. One of the ways that these fanclubs promote the band’s music is through giveaways. By simply retweeting one of the fanclub’s posts, one is instantly entered to win a free download of the song.

 photo 7b0ec288-dfc4-4119-bc5b-99db106be1fc_zpscufiiawv.jpg

 4. The lead singer pinned the download link to the top of his Twitter profile.

Pinning a tweet makes that message the first thing that a visitor to the profile sees. A few days prior to the “Rain Don’t Come” release, Schmidt pinned a tweet containing the link for the song’s worldwide download. This way, fans knew exactly where to go when they woke up the morning of April 7.

 photo 84de0af2-c0c6-4bd6-ab9e-dd13c07fea7e_zpsqzr7unxg.jpg

5. They provided album artwork for fans to use as social media icons and headers.

Another important way that Heffron Drive fans promote the band’s new music is by changing their social media icons and headers to the album artwork. The band members post the artwork online before the song’s release so that their fans can download it. The goal of this style of promotion is to get as many people as possible to see the ads for the new song. Every time someone sees a tweet or a status update from a Heffron Drive fan, he or she sees the promotional poster for the new song as well.

 photo 003af742-6060-4b84-8c70-665ca469b31f_zpsldz3zfj9.jpg

As an indie band, Heffron Drive has to be creative with its marketing strategies. By utilizing the power of social media and the zeal of its fans, Heffron Drive promoted “Rain Don’t Come” to the top of the band’s own sales history.

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