5 Reasons You Should Be Promoting Your Videos With Promolta

Promolta is more than just a blog. More than 100,000 marketers use this company’s powerful network to promote their videos. With Promolta, your path to YouTube stardom is only a few clicks away.

Here’s why you should be promoting your videos with Promolta.

1. It’s all about REAL people watching your videos.

Many content creators may be worried about “buying views.” However, with Promolta, you’re not paying to have bots watch your video. Rather, you’re investing in the promotion of your video to real viewers. If these real viewers like what they see, they’ll keep coming back to your channel.

However, without having seen your video promoted through Promolta, many potential viewers may not have otherwise encountered your content. What’s more, buying fake views can get your account suspended or even banned. With Promolta, your videos get seen by lots of real people.

2. It’s about sharing.

Promolta focuses on getting people to share your videos. Essentially, Promolta works by pushing your video through a powerful network of premium blogs, apps, websites, games, and social networks. Visitors to each destination will view your video.
Rather than simply watching the first view seconds and moving on, Promolta’s viewers watch and share your video. Promolta focuses on getting your content in front of viewers who will love it.

3. You can target viewers by demographic.

When you start your promotion campaign with Promolta, you’ll be able to choose the kind of viewers you want. You can target viewers by age, gender, location, and keywords.

By targeting a specific demographic, you’ll increase the likelihood of your new viewers turning into subscribers. Targeting certain viewers allows them to see more of the content they’re likely to enjoy and share.

4. Promolta is a trusted resource.

Promolta is used by more than 100,000 customers, spanning more than 60 countries worldwide. We help everyone get noticed, from major brands like Ted Talk and Monster Energy Drink to indie musicians.

5. You’ll be advertising the way major record companies do.

Among Promolta’s more than 100,000 customers are major record companies Sony and Universal. These companies promote with Promolta because of how powerful the Promolta network is.

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