5 Unique Ways To Promote Your Upcoming Album

The key to successful album promotion is creativity. The Internet has opened up endless opportunities for bands and artists to promote music. Adopt creative and unconventional strategies to build hype until your album drops.

Read below for five awesome ideas to promote your upcoming album:

1. Adopt guerrilla marketing strategies

Guerrilla marketing involves low-cost unconventional marketing strategies that yield maximum results. Some of the most common guerrilla marketing strategies include distributing flyers, stickers or products, flash mobs, graffiti and viral videos. For your album launch, consider handing out flyers with QR codes. When people scan the QR code, they should be directed to your band’s website. You can put up an ad on Craiglist for a street team to execute your guerrilla marketing campaign. You can even involve your fans to help spread the word.

2. Organize contests or giveaways

Contests and giveaways are a great way to enhance visibility for your band and drive audience engagement. Organize contests around your album launch to generate hype. You can craft a post related to the album launch and ask fans to comment, like and share the post. You could even ask fans to write a short post on why they like your band. Choose the best answers and give away freebies such as merchandise or gig tickets. You can even organize a personal concert for the winner. For instance, Foo Fighters held a contest while promoting their album, Wasting Light. They turned up at the winner’s house and played a gig in the garage.

3. Release a free song

Release the best song from your album for free. This is a great way to build hype for your album. The idea is to tease fans with your best single so that they purchase your album. For instance Adele released Hello as a free single. This simple marketing strategy spiked her album sales to over 8 million copies. Serenade fans with your best single to get them longing for more.

4. Offer exclusives and premieres to music blogs

Popular music blogs tend to have large readerships. Get your album featured in these music blogs to enhance exposure. You can choose to offer exclusives or premiers. In case of exclusives, a particular blog will retain exclusive rights to feature your music for a designated duration. Premieres on the other hand, allow a blog to release your album before others. Blogs are a great way to get your music out to the public. Follow effective blogger outreach strategies to get popular blogs to feature you.

5. Get DJs to remix your music and play at clubs

Get in touch with DJs who regularly play at popular clubs in town. Request them to play a remix version of your album’s tracks. This way you can spread your music to a large number of people. Pick DJs who tend to remix tracks similar to yours. One way to incentivize a DJ to play your music is by bringing out a crowd of your fans and supporters to the club. Marketing is a two way street where give and take always works wonders. 

You don’t always need the backing of a publicist or a record label to successfully launch an album. With the resources available today, you can spread the word for little or no cost. Adopt the above creative strategies to promote your upcoming album.

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