4 Of The Easiest Instruments To Learn Without A Teacher

It can be difficult to decide which instrument to learn how to play, especially if you’ve never played one before. If you are an aspiring musician or already have experience but you’re still looking to try something new, there are a few instruments that can be less time consuming and easier to learn than others.

Below are four which are not only easier to learn, but you can also teach yourself to play, too!

1. Ukulele

Ukuleles are not only easy to learn but can be extremely cheap, depending on the quality you are looking for. The instrument was originally used in Hawaiian music but now can be found in the background of many pop songs. It’s incredibly common to cover songs with just the ukulele, too!

What makes this instrument so easy to learn? One of the major reasons is the fact that they only have four strings, unlike the guitar, which has six. This narrows down the number of chords you have to learn and the strain on your fingers!

2. Bongo

This percussion instrument is amazing to use if you’re aiming for a certain sound in your music. With its Afro-Cuban heritage, the instrument is perfect if you’re aiming for a salsa or jazz vibe in your songs.

Learning how to play the bongo depends entirely on your hands and their strength of impact. Even just tapping the bongo will get you a dearth of sounds to choose from!

3. Tambourine

The tambourine has become a forgotten stable in the background of songs. The Beatles would use the tambourines to add more depth to their songs. This instrument is perfect for any type of music. Depending on how you play it, you can create an assortment of rhythms that will fit in the background of any song.

The tambourine is a great first instrument to learn, too. The simple beats are easy to follow, and you’ll begin to get a feel to the general sound of music.

4. Harmonica

The harmonica is a perfect instrument for you if you’re looking to create songs that have a jazz or folk feel to them. This instrument can be very versatile and can be even used in pop songs! Bohemian Rhapsody is a great example of this.

The harmonica can be a bit tricky to learn, especially if you’re not experienced in controlling your breathing patterns. However, it’s one of the easiest instruments to learn before you move onto something more complex like the trumpet or trombone.

Learning new instruments should be seen as a series of stepping stones. It helps to learn easier instruments first before moving onto the guitar or the piano. These four instruments help you learn the basic rules of music and help you develop the understanding of sound and rhythm!

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