3 Free Ways To Promote Your Music

Not every artist can spend the kind of money on music promotion that Drake and Katy Perry do. Rather, as an aspiring musician, you just need a little creativity and a lot of dedication.

Here are three ways to promote your music for free.

1. Host a virtual show.

The Internet is the perfect venue for an aspiring artist. You can livestream a performance anywhere from Madison Square Garden to your own backyard. Be sure to tell your fans a few days in advance the exact day and time you’re going to be streaming.

Stageit.com is a great livestreaming site designed especially for musicians. Best of all, it’s free to use.

2. Let fans track your career with the BandsInTown app.

BandsInTown is a Facebook application that lets fans and followers know when you’ll be performing nearby. Because it displays all of your upcoming gigs, it’s a good way to promote your shows with little effort.

Watch this video to learn more about BandsInTown.

3. Upload snippets of your music to SoundCloud.

Notable indie artists such as Heffron Drive have used SoundCloud to tease their new music. Upload a preview of a song or a few tracks from your forthcoming album so that you can direct fans to your music quickly and easily.

Before a major Fourth of July performance in Washington, D.C., Heffron Drive previewed the song they’d be premiering on SoundCloud.

Promoting your music doens’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Use free and easy methods like these to get your music heard in no time.

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Kristen Harris enjoys listening to a wide range of music, from Taylor Swift to, on occasion, Celtic instrumental. She also spends her time writing, reading, and baking.

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