3 BIG Lessons from J. Cole

J. Cole is a famous musician with 7.3M YouTube subscribers and 3.6B views.

Here are 3 lessons from his success.

1. Never give up

You should do everything possible to reach the RIGHT people in your industry. Whether it’s a manager, editor, videographer, label, etc.

For example, in 2007, J. Cole waited for 3 hours in the rain to give his mixtape to Jay-Z. Yet when Jay finally showed up, he instantly rejected J.Cole. It was only 2 years later that Jay-Z heard ‘Lights Please’ and signed J.Cole to his record label Roc Nation. Thus, even if experts reject you, never give up.

Photo by DeSahun Craddock

2. Focus on growth

All creators should focus on GROWTH and not monetization in the early days. Your goal should be to build a massive fan base who love your content and can’t get enough.

For example, J. Cole did a 10-city tour in 2013 where he only charged $1 admission. Yes, one BUCK. The goal was not money but to create buzz and get people excited for his content. Thus, put all your efforts towards growth. The money will come once you have a big fan base.

Photo by Pemberton Music Festival

3. Have a source of income

YouTube takes years. The journey is rewarding but long. Thus, you need to have some source of income while you scale.

J. Cole worked as a bill collector, file clerk, ad salesman and even a kangaroo mascot. Have a plan for how you will make money. Don’t be too proud to do side jobs while you pursue your dream.

Photo by Rwoan

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