Why This YouTube Video Got 201,816,556 Views

Morgan Wallen is a trending country music singer. He has 2.77M YouTube subscribers and 4.4B views since Nov 30th, 2010.

We did a case study about his most popular video “Up Down” which has 201 million YouTube views.

Here are 3 important lessons.

1. Make niche content

Morgan Wallen makes videos that deeply resonate with his viewers. He does this by thinking about his target audience and creating niche content specifically for them.

Don’t worry if some viewers don’t love your videos but instead make content that is PERFECT for a specific group. They will be your loyal fans and more likely to share your videos. Most viral creators get popular within niche audiences first.

MorganWallen YouTube

2. Spread a positive message

The video “Up Down” is all about guys having fun and partying. It’s about friends, boats, and having a good time.

This positivity concept is universal. Thus, if you want to create a viral video then your message should be EXCITING or UPLIFTING in some way.

MorganWallen YouTube

3. Collaborate

Morgan collaborated with a famous group called “Florida Georgia Line” on this video.

When you make videos with other creators this helps BOTH of you to reach each other’s fan bases for free. This way your fans and the collaborator’s fans will also watch the video. Thus, make videos with other creators (ideally who are slightly more popular than you).

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