Why this YouTube video blew up to 352,075 YouTube views

Tony Pace has always had a passion for music and writing songs. It took him about 2 days to come up with “Can’t Help Fall in Love” and the rest is history. As of right now, the video has 352,075 YouTube views.

Here is why it blew up.

1. It’s a love song everyone can relate to

This song is all about love. Thus, every person who has ever been in love can instantly relate to it.

2. Can easily follow on screen lyrics

Many musicians lose viewers because the people can’t sing along. Tony Pace solved this issue by showing all lyrics during the video. This way every viewer can understand and sing along.

Tony Pace YouTube

3. Song has an awesome beat

One of the biggest parts of a song’s success is the BEAT. Tony absolutely nailed it with this catchy and fun beat.

Tony Pace YouTube

4. Tony keeps fans wanting more

Tony Pace only has 3 videos on his YouTube channel (as of Nov 8th, 2023). Thus, his music is very exclusive because he only releases the best and does not waste time with mediocre songs. His policy is less but truly great.

Tony Pace YouTube

5. YouTube even recommends Tony’s videos

An important part of succeeding on YouTube is getting YouTube to PUSH your videos. Somehow Tony figured out how to do this. Can even see below screenshot of YouTube recommending another video from Tony’s channel as the LEAD video in playlists.

Tony Pace YouTube

In summary: Tony Pace is a very talented musician and his success continues to inspire us all.

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