Why Everyone Must Watch Dr. Donald Baxter’s Powerful Speech Video

Dr Donald Baxter is a medical doctor and his viral talk is absolutely fascinating.

Here is why you must watch it today.

1. You will learn the definition of friendship

Dr Baxter’s story is powerful. He shows you why you must always stand up for your friends and stay by their side no matter what.

2. You will start being more grateful

Dr Baxter has lived a very interesting but not an easy life. Yet despite the many challenges he faced … he is still grateful and remains an optimist.

Mercer University YouTube

3. You will appreciate chance encounters

Most of us are familiar with Dr Martin Luther King Jr yet very few of us have actually met the man. Dr Baxter’s fascinating life brought him face to face with Martin Luther King. It was truly awesome to hear about the experience.

4. See history in perspective

Dr Baxter is a stand up guy. He has his beliefs and follows his intuition. Even when doing so is not the popular thing to do. He shows all of us that regardless of what is happening in the world, we must be good human beings and do the right thing.

Mercer University YouTube

In summary: it’s an amazing talk by a great man. Everyone should watch it.

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