Top 15 YouTube Music Promotion Channels

Music promotion channels are YouTube channels that regularly upload curated new music. With a large network of subscribers, these channels are effective for artists to promote new music. Promo channels accept music submissions from independent bands and musicians. They usually pick music that would do well with their audience. Promo channels make money via monetisation, while musicians earn popularity and recognition. A model that benefits both the involved parties.

Why should you promote music via promo channels?

According to Budi Voogt, a music entrepreneur, some of the top music promo channels have the potential to create a ripple effect in the genre of music they are pushing. Promo channels offer a viable music distribution platform for budding musicians. Some of the bigger promo channels also have deals with major labels to get exclusives for tracks. Additionally, promo channels are trend-setters, offering new bands and artists, a shot to popularity.

How to submit music to promo channels?

  • Visit the promo channel’s About page to avail contact details.
  • Write a clear email subject-line. Follow the format: Artist name – Track name (version)
  • Submit a press release. Include a brief artist bio, track details, contact details, social media links, download and purchase links.
  • Include a streaming link in your email. Promoters may not have the time to download your music.
  • Send material for which you own all the rights.
  • Offer exclusives and previews to promoters. Promoters prefer music that only they are entitled to upload. Previews are when a promoter is allowed to upload your track before other blogs and channels.

Top YouTube music promo channels

YouTube is home to a large number of music promo channels. Choose one that best suits your music genre and style. Before pitching to any music promo channel, listen to the songs they upload. This will give you an indication whether your song would be a good fit for the channel. Additionally, some channels go beyond the genres they usually promote, if the submission is exceptional. Target bigger channels to gain maximum visibility for your music. Below, we have compiled a list of some of the best music promo channels. Take a look and reach out to these channels with your demos.

Promo Channels – EDM



  • Genres: The newest Electro / House / DnB / Glitch Hop / 110 BPM / Drumstep / Dubstep / Trance / Trap / Nudisco / Future Bass
  • Subscribers: 4,476,099
  • Contact:

UKF Dubstep

  • Genres: Latest electronic music
  • Subscribers: 5,981,453
  • Contact:

Promo Channels – Rock


  • Genres: Best independent rock, pop, folk and electronic music
  • Subscribers: 81,585
  • Contact:

Fearless records 

  • Genres: Rock and punk rock
  • Subscribers: 1,206,847
  • Contact:


  • Genres: Hard rock and metal
  • Subscribers: 307,235
  • Contact:

Promo Channels – Hip-Hop

Beats and Culture 

  • Genres: Hip Hop and Beats
  • Subscribers: 22,647
  • Contact:

Chillhop music 

  • Genres: Chilled Hiphop, Triphop and Jazzhop
  • Subscribers: 77,890
  • Contact:

Daily Dopes 

  • Genres: Underground Hip Hop
  • Subscribers: 5,120
  • Contact:

Promo channels – Indie 


  • Genres: Best independent music
  • Subscribers: 117,819
  • Contact:


  • Genres: Indie, Alternative, Folk
  • Subscribers: 38,920
  • Contact:

Indie Music Dimension 

  • Genres: Independent music
  • Subscribers: 14,770
  • Contact:

Promo Channels – Pop

Majestic casual 

  • Genres: Pop, Electronic Music, Deep House, Experimental, Hip-Hop, Indie
  • Subscribers: 2,850,311
  • Contact:

The Vibe guide

  • Genres: Any new music
  • Subscribers: 718,279
  • Contact:

Bandit Tunes

  • Genres: Indie pop, Electro pop and others
  • Subscribers: 8,073
  • Contact:


Music promotion channels offer tremendous exposure for your music. The above list is by no means exhaustive. Scour the internet for other channels and send in your demos at the earliest.

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