How Musicians Can Interact with Fans on YouTube

YouTube is first and foremost a video sharing site. However, it is also a social network in and of itself. It can be quite useful in connecting to fans and gaining more exposure. Follow these three tips for using YouTube as a social platform.

Respond to Comments

This is the easiest and quickest way to connect with fans on YouTube. Thank a fan for their kind words about your video. Answer a question someone asked about the inspiration behind your new song. Find unique comments to respond to thoughtfully. YouTube musicians and comedians Veronica and Vanessa Merrell periodically make Q and A videos to respond to fan comments.

Give a Call to Action

At the end of your video, ask fans for interaction. You can say something like, “Click ‘like’ if you enjoyed this new song!” or “Tell me what you liked best in the comments!” Singer James Maslow ends his music videos with a call to action to encourage his fans to spread the word about his music.

Make Vlogs

What is social media for, if not sharing insights into your daily life? Fans will love to see what you’re up to when you’re not making music. Besides a status, a vlog is the perfect weekly update. Heffron Drive’s Dustin Belt made use of vlogs to chronicle his duo’s Happy Mistakes Tour and promote their new album.

If you already use YouTube to promote your music, then why not use it to connect with viewers as well? YouTube is a utilitarian tool that musicians can wield in many ways.

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