How To Start A Successful Second Channel

After building up a viewing audience of their own, many YouTubers decide they want to share more personal, laidback content with their most dedicated viewers. However, these kinds of videos may not fit in with their main channel content. That’s why so many content creators start secondary vlogging channels as well.

For these vloggers, a second channel can be both a new creative outlet and a secondary source of revenue. Here’s how you can start a successful second channel of your own.

1. Create the secondary channel right from your current YouTube account.

There’s no need to create a new email address and start all over to add a second YouTube to your online profile. In fact, you can add a second channel right alongside your main account.

First, click on your channel icon and go to your YouTube Settings. Then, under Account Settings, click where it says, “See all my channels or create a new channel.” Select “Create a new channel” at the top. From there, you can name your new channel, select its category, and agree to the terms.

Once your new channel is set up, you can add channel artwork and start uploading videos.

2. Incentivize your fans to subscribe.

It’s not enough to simply start a new channel and expect new subscribers to appear out of the void. Rather, since you already have a substantial viewing audience on one channel, you’ll need to convert them into new subscribers for your secondary channel.

You can easily get fans to subscribe to your new channel by letting them know that there’s something in it for them. One way to incentivize them is with extra interaction. You can retweet and follow fans who send you screenshots proving that they subscribed to your new channel. You can also put exclusive polls or updates on the second channel’s community tab.

Another way to incentivize your fan cribe to a new channel is through a giveaway. Have your viewers enter to win a cool prize by subscribing to your new channel or commenting on the videos you’ve posted there.

3. Share your second channel videos on your main channel’s community tab.

Even if your fans haven’t subscribed to your new channel yet, you can still get them to watch the videos you post there by utilizing your main channel’s community feature. Share the videos you post on your second channel onto your main channel’s community tab.

When you share the second channel videos, the community tab also allows you to give a brief description. You can tell your viewers about your new channel and what other kinds of videos they can expect.

If you don’t want to share the video directly, you can upload its thumbnail or a screenshot to pique your viewers’ interest. Tell them to head over to your second channel if they want to see more.

If you want to start daily vlogging or experimenting with different kinds of content, then you should definitely start a secondary channel. Follow these tips to make the launch of your new channel successful.

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