How To Get Sponsors For Your YouTube Channel

Sponsorships help content creators make more money through their videos. By creating sponsored content, you’ll be able to support bigger and better projects for your channel. You’ll be able to worry less about views and AdSense money, too.

Here’s how to get sponsors for your YouTube channel.

1. Connect with sponsors directly through influencer marketing campaign sites.

You don’t need millions of subscribers to start getting brand deals. Sites like FameBit and Grapevine connect creators like you directly to companies that are looking for influencers to partner with.

All you have to do to get started is sign up for a free account. Then, you can browse through campaigns that match your channel until you find one that you like. Any size channel can start getting brand deals this way.

2. Send pitch emails to companies you’re passionate about.

One way that creators make money through brand deals is with affiliate links and codes. Rather than sponsoring an entire video, a company will give the creator a certain link or discount code to share with his or her viewers. When someone clicks the link or uses the discount code, the creator makes a commission.

For these types of sponsorships, send pitch emails to companies you’re passionate about. Give a brief introduction to yourself and your channel. Then, make a simple request for an affiliate link of some kind. You can make comparisons to similar deals they’ve made with other creators. If you’ve talked about your love of their products or services in a video before, be sure to include the link.

After you have a few smaller brand deals under your belt, you can start pitching ideas for sponsored videos. Use the results from your affiliate links and codes to show brands how well you can convert viewers into customers.

3. Put your business email in all your social media bios.

The third way that YouTubers get sponsorships is when companies reach out to them directly. These connections mainly happen through the creator’s business email. When a company wants to start an influencer marketing campaign, a representative will connect with content creators who fit the company’s target demographic.

To make sure companies can connect with you, put your business email in all of your social media bios. Not only should it be on your channel’s about page, but your business email should also be featured in your Twitter and Instagram bios.

However, you shouldn’t limit your business email to potential sponsorships. You may hear from photographers, media outlets, and other YouTubers who want to work with you. Consider each offer and what each party brings to the table. Most importantly, be sure to do thorough research before committing to anything.

You can start getting sponsors for your channel, no matter how many subscribers you have. Start building your portfolio with sponsorship sites, pitch ideas to companies you’re passionate about, and check your business email often.

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