How Jenna Marbles Continues to Make Viral Videos

Jenna Marbles is one of the most successful YouTube stars. She has been posting hilarious videos for over six years. Her videos have maintained millions of views over the span of her career.

Here are a few ways that Jenna Marbles continues to create viral videos.

1. Take trends to a new level.

There are many trends that become fads for YouTubers. When creating a video for one of these trends, Jenna twists the idea to create something different than anyone has done. She will take the idea to a new level by amplifying it and performing in an extreme way.

Think of ways to stand out in the YouTube community by putting a personal twist on popular video ideas.

2. Bring in new characters.

A few of the most famous characters that can be seen in Jenna’s videos are her dogs. By incorporating her dogs in her comedy and giving them their own hilarious identities, she opens up more ideas for videos.

It is also common to see her boyfriend Julien Solomita, other YouTubers, and even her mother in her videos.

3. Keep a steady flow.

For the past five years, Jenna has always posted a new video every Wednesday. This has been a steady dedication to her channel that attracts more viewers.

It is important that viewers can prepare and look forward to the day that you will post videos.

4. Branch out to other opportunities.

By traveling to conferences often, Jenna maintains a strong presence in the Internet community. She also has created podcasts with other YouTubers on the side.

When you incorporate other forms of media and commit time to travel for the benefit of you career, your success will grow.

Jenna Marbles is a huge role model for people pursuing comedy and YouTube video production. Her dedication to her channel and her nonstop work ethic have benefited her career even after six years of videos.

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