Creator Spotlight: AScotPres

Inspired by his experience working in Iraq, Kurdistan, and Georgia, YouTube creator AScotPres shares his original songs online through captivating visuals. AScotPres, known offline as Scott Schroeder, is a passionate songwriter and musician who uses YouTube to share his art with the world. 

I have been recording music for over 35 years and always tried to write, rehearse, and record a song every year of my life as a journal entry,” Schroeder writes. “I never dreamed that YouTube would come along and allow me to share my music, let alone have an avenue for making video production.”

The AScotPres YouTube channel has garnered almost half a million views. His videos showcase his original music married with video clips of military, industry, and nature. Some of the visuals are footage Schroeder captured on his own of oil well flares while working. 

“[I write] sad songs with hope for love,” Schroeder writes. “[My inspiration comes from] love, war, and war refugees.”

Schroeder gathers much of his inspiration from his profession as an oil and condensate geologist. This work led him to spend time in the Middle East where he regularly interacted with natives and refugees. These experiences influence Schroeder’s perspective and he writes strongly about the plight of refugees and the impact of war on the land. 

The latest project of AScotPres is War Masks of Fire. The project consists of five parts that show the war conditions refugees live through.

“I believe [War Masks of Fire] shows what I am intrigued by,” Schroeder writes about his project. “‘War Horizon (Part #5)’  has great meaning to me as I helped an orphan from La Casa Rosada reach America.”

Schroeder illustrates his own moving experiences and those around him through his music and YouTube videos. From his depictions, he wants his listeners to be hopeful after listening to his songs and strives to continue creating inspirational work. 

AScotPres music can be found on YouTube as well as Apple Music.