3 Ways To Get Influencers To Share Your YouTube Videos

Influencers can help kickstart a viral sharing trend for your YouTube videos. They successfully place your videos among target audiences beyond your reach. Thus, incorporate a premeditated strategy to get influencers to notice and share your content.

Below are 3 strategies to get influencers to share your YouTube videos:

1. Build a good relationship with influencers

Build an authentic relationship with influencers. Don’t send an email out of the blue, requesting them to share your videos. Instead, engage with influencers on twitter, comment on their Facebook posts, provide them free publicity and involve in conversations. This way, you will stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

2. Share influencers’ content

One rule of marketing is that you have to give in order to receive. Therefore, actively share influencers’ content to get noticed. Further, influencers observe third-party posts about their videos through social listening. Hence, engage with their content to get them to notice you.

3. Create engaging YouTube videos

Influencers retain their credibility and popularity through quality content. Exceptionally good content will drive influencers to share your YouTube videos. Therefore, create videos that are crisp, concise and engaging to attract influencers’ attention.

You need to invest considerable time and effort to attract influencers’ attention. Outreach strategies can go a long way to gain their support. Follow the above strategies to get your content shared widely.

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