What Makes Quincy Newton A Rising Comedy Star

Quincy Newton is an actor and filmmaker. His wild and wonderful YouTube channel is also making him a rising star in the comedy world.

Here’s how Quincy is killing the YouTube game.

1. His original comedy videos are worthy of SNL.

One of Quincy’s most popular videos series is “Living In The Woods.” This series is just one example of Quincy’s laugh-out-loud videos featuring original characters and unique sets. It would be no surprise if he joined the cast of Saturday Night Live someday.

Here’s one of the latest installments of “Living In The Woods.”

2. He’s been cracking up his viewers for years.

Quincy has been publishing YouTube videos since 2011. Since then, he’s gotten more than 120,000 total views, which is more than many up-and-coming content creators can get nowadays.

Here is one of Quincy’s most popular videos from two years ago.

3. He’s proven himself to be a man of many talents.

Quincy is more than an actor and a comedian. He’s also a musician. He often incorporates his ukelele playing into his comedy.

Watch a clip of his ukelele stand-up here.

4. He owns his own media company.

Quincy Newton owns and operates Lazerbeam Unicorn Media. This video production company is focused in telling the stories of its clients in a unique and personal way. He even operates with drone cameras.

Check out some of his work below.

Quincy Newton is a rising YouTube comedy star and video producer. This entertainer and creator is on the edge of bigger and better things.

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