What Makes Clarissa Kathleen A Powerful Voice On Social Media

Clarissa Kathleen is an entrepreneur and social media influencer on the rise. She’s a woman on a mission to support other women. She’s creating a brand that celebrates feminity and strength.

Here’s what makes Clarissa Kathleen a powerful voice on social media.

1. Her vlogs discuss both beauty and business.

When it comes to supporting her subscribers, Clarissa doesn’t hold back. In each vlog, she discusses empowerment and what it means when it comes to both beauty and business. Clarissa’s videos prepare her viewers to be strong and independent both in the office and out.

Check out one of her videos below.

2. Her brand celebrates every woman.

When it comes to social media, many young influencers only focus on a certain type of woman. Clarissa, however, aims to encourage every woman with her videos, not matter each viewer’s age or where she lives.

3. She shares encouraging words across her social media.

When it comes to sharing words of encouragement, Clarissa doesn’t simply stick to YouTube. Rather, she uses other platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, to send messages of love and kindness to her followers.

Her Instagram, for example, is filled with beautiful and encouraging graphics.

Clarissa Kathleen knows how to use social media to empower women across the world. Follow along with her journey.

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