The Fastest Way To Become A YouTube Star

Thousands of hours of new video content are uploaded to YouTube every single day. With that many options, how can you make sure viewers are choosing your videos? What if one platform could guarantee you more views than ever before?

Major artists and companies boost their views with Promolta.

When you join Promolta, you’re joining the ranks of artists such as Eminem, Gucci Mane, Young Buck, and Akon. You’re also promoting your videos the same way that Disney, Sony, Ted Talk, and L’Oreal do!

Promolta is for everyone. You can use the platform to promote all of your video content, whether you’re a vlogger, a musician, or an advertiser.

More than 40,000 marketers choose Promolta to skyrocket their views. They’ve gained millions of new subscribers and millions of views.

For example, Eminem used Promolta to promote his “Rap God” music video.

The secret is Promolta’s massive publisher network.

As a self-serving advertising platform, Promolta has built an unbelievably massive network of publishers. When you design your Promolta campaign, your videos will be shown on more than 10,000 trusted blogs, game apps, websites, and social networks.

Sound too good to be true? Sure, other video promotion services make similar promises, but most of them boost your views using bots, which can lead to demonetization because it breaks YouTube’s policies.

Popular vlogger Shane Dawson explored fake view buying sites in this video.

While the sites to buy fake views may be fun to mess with, actually using them won’t do you any good. Because the views are fake, you won’t boost your video engagement or gain any real fans of your content.

Promolta pushes your videos to a real audience.

With Promolta, you get to decide the demographics of the audience you want to target. Then, the platform makes sure your videos get seen by real people who fit the bill.

Every viewer watches your video for at least a full minute. If they click off in less than sixty seconds, then you don’t pay for that view.

This promotion strategy boosts your video engagement because the viewers who love your content are likely to subscribe, comment, and share your videos.

This is the video promotion service with the highest social sharing rates in the market.

When an ad takes over your screen or otherwise intrudes on your web browsing, how likely are you to actually click on it, much less enjoy it? Irrelevant ads are even more likely to be ignored by potential consumers.

Promolta, however, is different. By displaying your videos in a non-intrusive way, they guarantee that more viewers will genuinely like your content and then share it with their own social networks.

These ads will only be placed where they are relevant to the viewer. Then, the ad’s native placement naturally grabs viewers’ attention, which is why Promolta gets more social shares than any other platform.

You get to set your own budget.

Oftentimes, video promotion services require you to fork over a ton of money for less than stellar results. You may even have to get outside help to make sure your campaign goes smoothly.

However, with Promolta, you can do everything yourself for as little as $10. The platform equips you with everything you need to reach a ton of viewers.

The bigger your budget, the more viewers you can reach. If you’re an advertiser, then you can get up to a hundred times more views beyond your budget by investing in Promolta!

Track your success with analytics that are easy to understand.

When you use Promolta, you’re never left in the dark about the progress of your video promotion campaign. The platform makes your video analytics easy to understand so that you know which videos are doing well and which ones need an extra boost.

All it takes is one click to track your daily video exposure. You can monitor everything from new views, likes, and comments to subscriber growth and even app installations.

Whether you’re a brand new vlogger or a longtime star, Promolta can help you reach the next level of your YouTube dreams. This is one investment that’s guaranteed to help you reach your goals.

If you have any questions, Promolta’s skilled support team is ready to help you. They can help you discover what kinds of promotion are best suited for your channel. Get in touch by emailing

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