Why You Should Be Listening To This Night Alone

This Night Alone is an up-and-coming artist who’s already released several tracks with a few thousand views on YouTube. However, This Night Alone is more than just an artist with a dream. He’s the kind of person who takes the difficult things life has thrown his way and turns them into music.

Here’s why you should be listening to This Night Alone.

1. He worked harder than most artists do to get to where he is today.

Though he is originally from Decatur, Alabama, This Night Alone now lives and works in Los Angeles, California. He got to LA by collecting cans, washing cars, and working construction until he saved up enough money to move.

This Night Alone was only sixteen when he got his first studio setup. Now, he’s creating music with his label Trippy House Company.

2. He cares about more than just music.

Music isn’t This Night Alone’s only passion. As a big animal lover, he also prides himself on being an animal rights advocate. However, music is the most important part of his life.

His love for music shows through great tracks such as this one.

3. His personal struggles inspire listeners to keep going.

Though he has a few party tracks, most of This Night Alone’s music is deep and meaningful. After losing his entire family in three years, he decided to use his music as a way to make sure no listener ever had to feel as lost and alone as he once did.

This Night Alone creates music that paints him as both a talented artist and an inspiring individual. Everyone should check out this up-and-coming artist.

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