How This YouTuber Earned More Than 1.3 Total Billion Views

Bunny Meyer, better known as grav3yardgirl, started on YouTube in December 2010 and has since racked up almost 8 million subscribers and over 1.3 billion views. What started off as a beauty channel has since turned into something else. Yet, Meyer’s followers always come back for more.

Why is that?

1. She’s anything but ordinary.

In recent years, Meyer has become most popular for her product reviews. She’s become an expert product tester in the process. Not only do viewers get a taste for the actual product, but they also get a kick out of watching her test it out, too.

“BALLOON BONANZA – DOES THIS THING REALLY WORK?” remains the most watched video on her channel, with almost 17 million views.

2. She doesn’t act her age.

Meyer is over thirty at this point, but she can still work a prom dress. However, that’s just her natural state. In that way, she’s kind of timeless, adding to her relatability.

3. She’s ridiculous.

Bunny aside, grav3yardgirl is iconic for her quirks and gimmicks. It’s kind of hard to look at sweet tea and not be reminded of her. Her makeup tutorials are another story. Though she may be outrageous, it’s her uniqueness that keeps her fans coming back for more.

The fact that her makeup tutorials can be anywhere from half an hour to an hour alone can tell you a lot about her personality.

Grav3yardgirl is overall just really good at being herself. She has never shied away from the camera, and in the six years she’s been on YouTube, she’s taken her fans with her through the whole journey. It’s that kind of courage that gets a channel off its feet.

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