How This Teenager Became A Viral Sensation

Joana Ceddia was just seventeen when she decided to start her own YouTube channel. The Canadian teenager made videos about painting, thrift shopping, and exploring her small town. Soon, her videos were getting millions of views, and today, she had more than 2.5 million subscribers.

To anyone familiar with the evolution of YouTube and its viral star, Joana’s story sounds like the path to fame vloggers followed a few years ago. Now, most breakout YouTube stars seem to get their start on other platforms or find their audiences with over-the-top antics. However, Joana just celebrated her channel’s first anniversary in July 2019.

Here’s how this teenager became a viral sensation.

She started her channel as a creative hobby rather than a strategy to reach stardom.

Unlike many YouTube stars of today, Joana didn’t start her channel in hopes of launching a career in music, acting, or modeling. Instead, she simply started vlogging as a hobby. Rather than an expensive DSLR, she started with her iPhone camera.

Her first video, a travel vlog, was less than four minutes long. Unlike many vloggers, Joana didn’t take herself too seriously.

She made a video about a popular vlogger’s clothing line.

Using another vlogger’s name in your video title can easily attract both their supporters and their haters to your videos. However, if the video isn’t actually much about that vlogger, your viewers will be disappointed, and your watch time can drop.

Joana summoned millions of viewers with a video about Emma Chamberlain’s clothing line. Putting her crafting skills to use, Joana made more affordable versions of Emma’s widely criticized products.

The YouTube algorithm recommended two of Joana’s videos to lots of viewers.

Soon after Joana posted her Emma Chamberlain video, the YouTube algorithm began recommending it to all kinds of viewers. Many commenters said the video appeared in their suggestions for days until they finally watched and, consequently, subscribed.

That wasn’t the only video that picked up steam in the algorithm. A second video, in which Joana cuts her own hair, also appeared in many users’ recommendations.

She continued making more content in the same style.

Even after going viral not once, but twice, Joana continued making videos in the same style. Her dry humor remained center stage while she painted, traveled, and shared her life as a high school student.

Many fans fell in love with Joana’s content because it reminded them of the videos they first began watching on YouTube a few years ago. Her viral status proves that, no matter the amount of production value or corporate sponsorship someone puts into a video, it’s still a vlogger’s personality that viewers care about the most.

For Joana Ceddia, becoming a YouTube star was well-earned. Her success inspires other up-and-coming vloggers who are also starting out with no more than their iPhone cameras and a dream.

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