How The Silvers Are Rocking A Whole New Generation

The Silvers are a new rock band that comes as a blast from the past. With a classic sound reminiscent of the rock that music fans first fell in love with, the Silvers are ready to rock a whole new generation.

Here’s how they’re doing it.

1. The band’s founder has a long history with rock ‘n roll.

In the 1970s, the rock band Silver Laughter was well on its way to becoming the American version of the Beatles. They released two critically acclaimed albums. The band rocked its way through the end of the decade.

In 2014, the band reunited for its induction into the Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Silver Laughter reunion reignited bassist, vocalist, and songwriter Mick Orton’s passion for music. He founded The Silvers alongside Tom Kelley, Ricky Zero, and Glenn Stone.

Here is one of The Silvers’ latest music videos.

2. They released animated music videos.

When it comes to music videos, The Silvers think outside of the box. Rather than filming a live performance or staging a fancy production, the band produces animated music videos for each hit single.

Their first animated music video and single, “Running Away,” came out in 2015.

3. Their second album just came out.

The Silvers released their second album on March 15. The fourteen-track record PLAY! follows the 2016 album After The Laughter.

Here’s is another of the band’s recent videos.

4. They’re set to star in a children’s cartoon.

Alongside a Lord of the Rings sound design editor, the band has been working to put together an animated children’s show starring The Silvers. The show, which will be called Silvers Surf City, finds the band members stranded on an island where they talk with sea creatures and battle pirates.

The show will soon be pitched at the Cannes Film Festival. For now, keep your eyes out for a new video, “Watch Out!”, which has a cute James Bond theme. The new video will be released in a few weeks.

The Silvers are a hit with longtime rock lovers and new music fans alike. This band is on a one-way street to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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