How To Create The Best Business Card For Your YouTube Channel

Just like with any other job, being a successful content creator relies on networking and properly promoting yourself. However, when you meet a potential sponsor or collaboration partner, a phone number or email address may not be enough to make them remember you. Rather, every YouTuber should have a business card ready to share with these important industry connections.

Here’s how to create the perfect business card for your YouTube channel.

1. Put your channel logo front and center.

Making your channel logo the most prominent feature of your business card will make sure the people you give it to won’t forget why they took the card. Business professionals collect a lot of business cards, and your channel logo will make your card stand out.

The channel logo will also show that you know how to brand yourself effectively. You can even match the color palette of the card to the logo to make it all really come together.

If you don’t have a channel logo yet, here’s a quick and easy guide to designing one yourself.

2. Add a short description of the content you create.

If you’re giving someone your business card, then it’s likely that they’re not already familiar with your content. Therefore, a short description of what you create can really help them out.

Your description doesn’t need to be more than a tagline. Think of it as a Twitter bio. How can you describe your channel in as few words as possible?

3. Include all your social media links.

Companies work with YouTubers because they’re interested in influencer marketing. This means that they want to use your social media influence to reach potential customers. To give potential sponsors a good idea of the kind of audience you have, be sure to include all of your social media links on your business card.

You can also include a QR code that links directly to your YouTube channel. All someone will have to do is scan the code with his or her phone in order to check out your content.

Having a business card ready to go will help you connect with potential sponsors or collaborators outside of the internet. Make sure it includes your channel logo, social media links, and a short description of your content.

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