How This Vlogger Earned 24K Subscribers In About 2 Years

Stormy Davis has been uploading videos since January 2016. A few of her most popular videos have more than a hundred thousand views, and she has about 24,000 subscribers.

Here’s how Stormy earned 24K subscribers in about two years.

1. She shared her personal story online in a popular video.

Many of Stormy’s most popular videos are part of her “Stormy Time” series. She shares her life story one episode at a time, putting everything she’s been through in chronological order. Though it took a lot of courage for Stormy to tell her story her online, she was rewarded by all of the viewers she inspired and empowered.

Stormy’s most popular storytime video shares her personal struggle with catfishing and bullies.

2. She creates a wide variety of content.

Though she mostly uploads storytimes now, Stormy also makes videos about makeup, fitness, and veganism. All of these content niches have huge audiences, so thousands of new subscribers have found Stormy and her other videos through searches for similar content.

She also participates in popular YouTube trends.

3. She keeps her content organized in several helpful playlists.

Because she creates so many different kinds of content, Storm has all of her videos organized into playlists to help her viewers find which ones they want to watch. They can pick from Stormy Time, Drive With Me, reactions, challenges, veganism, etc.

Her longest playlist puts all of her storytime videos in chronological order.

Stormy Davis is a promising talent on YouTube. She brings a very unique story to the table, and she’s already inspiring thousands of subscribers. Her channel is only going to get bigger and better from here.

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