How Little Mix’s “Shout Out To My Ex” Got Over 100 Million Views In 2 Months

Little Mix is a British girl group who came to fame during the eighth series of The X Factor UK. Following their rise to fame, they have been nominated for two Brit Awards. They even managed to earn comparisons to the acclaimed Spice Girls when their fourth album became the first number one album in Britain by a girl group since the nineties.

However, their records have clearly not come to a halt as their popular music video “Shout Out To My Ex” has managed to wow fans enough to gain multi-million views in under two months.

How did they manage to pull this off?

1. They link their song to an event in their personal lives.

At the time of the song’s release, it was no secret that one of the group’s members, Perrie Edwards. had gone through a public break-up with her boyfriend (and for two years, fiancé) of four years. It didn’t help that the singer’s ex, Zayn Malik, had almost instantly announced his new relationship with model Gigi Hadid.

The song, therefore, gained instant attention and publicity as fans were eager to see Perrie finally addressing her feelings on the very public break-up, while fans of the new couple were eager to hear what Zayn’s ex had to say about him.

Addressing intimate details of your life in your music, even if vaguely (especially if they were already the centre of public scrutiny), will excite and intrigue your fan base, as they feel as though they have a chance to get to know you on a deeper level.

2. They promoted the song on different platforms before its release.

The existence of the video was first suggested in an X Factor performance, which began with the girls in a car outside the X Factor studios, surrounded by cheerleaders who wore T-shirts inscribed with the names of failed couples. This dramatic showcasing of the song already whet their fans’ appetites to know what the performance was all about.

Later, the girls also promoted the song on several popular talk shows and events all over the world including The One Show, the BBC Teen Awards, The X Factor Australia, Good Morning Britain, and even on the Norwegian program Senkveld.

These diverse platforms ensured that their fans from all over the globe were aware of the upcoming release of the video and were eagerly anticipating it.

3. The song is centered around a relatable topic.

The song is about a breakup and moving on, which is a highly relatable topic with pre-teens to the elderly. This meant that the song would be received and appreciated by almost any age group who had experienced a heartbreak or failed relationship across the globe.

Centering the video around such a relatable subject would mean that millions of people around the globe who had similar experiences would be likely to click on the video just by reading the title, thus guaranteeing millions of views.

4. The song was a prelude to their upcoming album.

With the song being the first taste of what was to come in their album Glory Days, fans would be excited to watch the video in order to see what kind of general feel they were to expect off the upcoming album.

Releasing a video prior to an album is a great way to promote new music.

5. The poetic justice in the video captivated viewers.

Despite the video being centered around a breakup anthem, the poetic justice in the song as well as the upbeat, sassy and danceable beat lends to its popularity. The reference to the words “look at me now/ I’m all the way up I swear you’ll never bring me down” makes the song an anthem. The singers preach that bad relationships end so that one can triumph, thus lending to the catchy video that encourages adventure as the girls cruise happily through a desert.

This light-hearted and positive element of the video makes it more intriguing and exciting as the girls encourage their fans in similar situations to look for the positivity in the situation, as illustrated by the bright purple flowers growing in the desert that they are driving through. The use of symbolic and captivating imagery definitely makes fans watch the video over and over again to try and understand the meaning of the video.

Little Mix got more than a hundred million views on their music video for “Shout Out To My Ex” in only a few months. They achieved such a huge number of views by making a video that was relatable and fun to watch.

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